Author: Benjamin Brandt

The Retirement Rehearsal

$52.4 billion dollars of unused vacation pay is lost every year. What if you could use some of that money to improve your retirement outcomes? Retirement Rehearsal What we’re trying to do is ask a question: what could we learn about ourselves if we took a one-week “dry run” at retirement? In this example, you’re about two to five years from retirement. I started to explore this idea when I kept hearing from recently retired clients about all the various aspects about retirement they hadn’t considered. I thought, how can this be? We’ve dedicated all this time and burned...

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One Simple Trick to Boost Your Retirement Income!

How would you like to spend 12-18% more in retirement without taking ANY additional risk? If I can convince you to put away the credit cards and – instead, use good-old-fashioned cash, you could spend more without changing how you invest!  In researching this subject, I’ve found this applies to pre-retirees and retirees and how we can make retirement more enjoyable by using cash. I’m not here to beat up on credit cards, BUT, If we transition to cash, however temporarily, we can accomplish some incredible things. How can you stretch your current retirement income so that you make the same amount of money...

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Charitable Retirees Rejoice!

Charitable Retirees Rejoice! Today we are discussing Qualified Charitable Distributions and recent changes to the rule. Links: IRS RMD Table: Check out this...

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You’ve Inherited a House…. Now What?

Inheriting Your Parent’s House: 3 Options to Consider   Inheriting your parent’s house is an emotionally heavy topic. Why? Because most inheritances follow a death in the family – and that death may or may not have been expected.   On top of dealing with the inheritance itself, you may have other challenges to navigate at the same time. Perhaps you’re struggling with grief or dealing with grieving siblings and their issues. Or maybe the home you’ve inherited is the one you grew up in, which means you’ve got an aching sentimental attachment to deal with, too.   Either...

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Why Are Women Better At Investing?

Why are women better at investing? What lessons can we learn from our female counterparts? A recent Wall Street Journal article that surveyed retirement plan participants came to the conclusion that, on average, women are better at investing than men. I have to admit, I was initially taken aback by that headline, if only for the reason that I’ve been in this industry for quite some time now, long enough to notice that if you look around you don’t see a lot of female financial advisors. That’s a less than scientific observation, I know, so I went online to check my...

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