Author: Benjamin Brandt

Why Are Women Better At Investing?

Why are women better at investing? What lessons can we learn from our female counterparts? A recent Wall Street Journal article that surveyed retirement plan participants came to the conclusion that, on average, women are better at investing than men. I have to admit, I was initially taken aback by that headline, if only for the reason that I’ve been in this industry for quite some time now, long enough to notice that if you look around you don’t see a lot of female financial advisors. That’s a less than scientific observation, I know, so I went online to check my...

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Pension or Lump Sum? Beyond the Numbers

The question many retirees face as they approach retirement, “Should I take a pension or the lump sum?” Allow me to provide some context: A pension refers to a stream of income, generally based on your salary, which you can receive in retirement as lifetime income. A lump sum is a one‑time payment, usually rolled into an IRA, and managed as an investment portfolio to generate retirement income. Choosing between the two options is often a very difficult decision.  There are a number of different web sites and podcasts that would take you through the steps of evaluating the...

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Navigating an Early Retirement

Navigating the pitfalls and penalties of an early retirement can be difficult, but with a little guidance this can be a pain-free journey. List of IRS exemptions to 10% early withdrawal penalty:,-Employee/Retirement-Topics—Tax-on-Early-Distributions Helpful article outlining specifics of pre-59.5 withdrawals:...

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Intro to Retirement Starts Today Radio

Are you ready to head down the path to an amazing retirement? We are tackling the topics on the mind of the modern retiree, on Retirement Starts Today Radio. Recent Posts Do I Need Two Financial Advisors? 5 Reasons to Work One More Year Why You Shouldn’t Hire Me As Your Financial Advisor The Fiduciary Standard – Explained by John Oliver Five Tips for Buying a Second Home in...

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