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Benjamin Brandt – President & Founder

Benjamin Brandt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Founder/President of Capital City Wealth Management, a Bismarck, North Dakota fee-only financial planning company.

He is also the host of the popular podcast Retirement Starts Today Radio and the accompanying blog.

Benjamin is an Iraqi combat veteran having served in the North Dakota Army National Guard for 8 years, including a 15 month deployment to Iraq in 2003.

You may have seen Benjamin featured in The Huffington Post, CNBC.com, Forbes, Business Insider, ClarkHoward.com, and many others.

In his free time, Benjamin and his wife Kristen can be found on the weekends at the hockey rink, or on the gymnastic mats, chasing their six energetic children.

Always up for a challenge, when the National Guard recruiter told a 19-year old version of myself that I could blow stuff up on the weekends, I couldn’t say no! Shortly thereafter I found myself in Iraq attached to the 1st Infantry Division.

(I call it my “semesters abroad”)

Paying for all that “Free College”

Task Force Trailblazer

Primary mission: Clearance and sanitation of main and alternate supply routes to provide assured mobility for 1st Infantry Division elements, observing and removing possible IEDs and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

That’s me in the picture disposing of a 125mm artillery round functioning as an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that we found on patrol, circa 2004.

Surprisingly enough, my time in combat taught me many lessons I would later use in my financial planning career.

Rita Keegan – Client Relationship Manager

Rita retired in 2014 after +30 years at a Fortune 500 insurance company. Rita’s attention to detail is an integral part in the overall client experience at Capital City Wealth Management.

Rita has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education from Valley City State University.

Outside of work, Rita plays hand bells at church, enjoys quilting and spending time with her grandson Joseph.

Dianne Bender – Office Manager

Dianne has +30 years of experience in the human resources industry and banking & financial services.

Dianne works closely with clients and keeps them informed of upcoming events and ensures their service needs are being met properly.  She handles all the bookkeeping responsibilities at Capital City Wealth Management.

Outside work, Dianne enjoys bowling, gardening, and taking road trips with her husband in their Corvette!

***Full disclosure: Both Rita and Dianne serve in clerical roles. Neither Rita nor Dianne hold investment licences of any kind, nor do they administer financial advice to clients.

Learn what Benjamin can do for you.

Learn what Benjamin can do for you.

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