Has the Covid pandemic caused you to reevaluate your life and consider early retirement? If so, you are not alone. Now that we are starting to emerge from the pandemic, many Americans have a new ‘life is short’ mindset. This, coupled with an upswing in investments and home values is leading many affluent Americans in a rush to retire.

Check out the retirement headlines segment where we explore a recent Bloomberg article that explores this topic. Then, stick around for the listener questions where I answer a question from Randy about paying off his mortgage with a Roth IRA and if you stay until the very end you’ll hear the story behind the Retirement Starts Today theme song.

Has the Covid pandemic caused you to reevaluate your life and consider early retirement? If so, you are not alone. Share on X

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:22] Affluent Americans Rush to Retire in New ‘Life-Is-Short’ Mindset
  • [7:47] There is a downside to the loss of older workers
  • [9:32] Should we consider paying off our home loan with a Roth IRA?
  • [16:21] The story behind the theme song

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Many affluent Americans are ready to retire

One of the most surprising aspects of the pandemic has been the unprecedented surge in the stock market. Investors have enjoyed double-digit returns and this swell in portfolio values has led many to reconsider their retirement plans. This is in stark contrast to those on the opposite end of the spectrum that had little savings and lost their jobs over the past year. Life for affluent Americans is looking good and many are taking advantage of the situation by considering early retirement.

Changes in work environments are another reason for the mass exodus

Another reason people may be considering early retirement is the toll that the past year has had on workers. The pandemic has changed the way that many companies do business. Zoom fatigue and stressful work environments are also contributing factors in the rush to retirement. Teachers and healthcare professionals are experiencing record levels of burnout. While this mass exodus is positive for those ready to retire, there could be a downside.

As the most experienced and productive workers exit the workforce, businesses are experiencing labor shortages. Older workers have higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and usually train the newcomers so this loss significantly affects companies.

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Life is short, enjoy it!

I love to see the newfound freedom that many are experiencing post-pandemic. Life is short and we should enjoy it fully. To do so, make sure to have a written retirement plan to help guide you.

I also recommend taking a practice retirement before you actually retire. This can help you get a feel for retirement and help you build retirement routines. This trial run will also show you if you are mentally and emotionally prepared for retirement.

Have you been thinking of retiring early? If so, what have you been doing to prepare? Listen in to hear how a retirement rehearsal could help you prepare for your retirement journey.

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