Let’s press rewind on our March 6th Market Volatility webinar and listen in on the Q&A session.

We answer the following retirement questions:

Jean asks:
When the markets drops, should I reduce the amount of money I use from my accounts proportionally?

Doug asks:
Where can I invest my money to keep a steady flow of income, considering the volatility of the markets presently and future economic downturns?

Rob asks:
I just retired at age 60 last September 2017. I have a long way to go in retirement (God willing) but I am worried about sequence of return risk, especially now that the market is taking a tumble. What can new retirees like me do to be successful in long term planning for retirement income when I am a textbook example of sequence of return risk?

Lemuel asks:
How will the currently retired, retiring and planning to retire folks hasten the negative impact of turbulent market to their nest eggs?

Richard asks:
If ‘volatile markets are the new normal’ , will this new reality drive prospective retirees to take the monthly benefit, rather than a lump-sum distribution? (sacrificing potential growth for peace of mind/stability)
How can a fiduciary provide a reliable retirement projection, when the markets are so volatile? Do you overlay ‘confidence intervals’ or ‘prediction error’ bars on the analyses you provide for clients?

Patrick asks:
Is it time to move a good portion of portfolio into annuities which minimize some of the risk (but may sacrifice some gain)?

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