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I’ve been a fan of Dave Ramsey and the entire Dave Ramsey team for many years.  My wife and I have coordinated several Financial Peace University classes at local churches and I was even one of Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Providers for investment advice for many years.

When the opportunity to interview Chris Hogan fell into my lap in Orlando at FinCon (Financial Blogger’s Conference), I couldn’t say yes fast enough!!

I first met Chris Hogan when he was one of the main speakers at an EnterLeadership conference I attended in Nashville in 2012, and I’ve followed his work ever since.

Listen in as Chris and I chat about the following:

How is Chris using lessons learned from playing football to teach people about wealth building?

How can “one hour of stupid” mess up ten years of diligent financial planning?

Why is storytelling so important to financial planning?

What is “sheep-mode thinking”?

How can we be sure to live our best retirement and not someone else’s?

How can social media influence the way we compare ourselves to others & how might social media influence our retirement?

Chris Hogan


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