Many pre-retirees fail to realize the myriad of tax planning opportunities that present themselves in the lead-up to retirement.  The final years of work and the first few years of retirement tend to have increased variability of either income, deductions, or both.  These changes can afford retirees with once in a lifetime tax planning opportunities.

Our guest on the podcast, Dana Anspach is an expert in these planning opportunities.

Dana Anspach CFP®, RMA®, is the Founder and CEO of Sensible Money and author of Control Your Retirement Destiny and Social Security Sense.

Listen in as Dana and I discuss:

  • When in retirement we might have zero net income and the tax planning opportunities that could arise.
  • The big mistake pre-retirees can make in the lead up to retirement
  • Why you might want to discuss your taxes with a qualified financial planner even if you’ve worked with a CPA for years.

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