end-of-life-planning“Planning for my own end of life doesn’t benefit me, it benefits others…  It is an outward expression of love to your loved ones to plan and prepare. It is the greatest final gift to give to your family” – Jon Braddock

Jon Braddock is the founder of My Life and Wishes, a company that assists clients with their end of life planning needs.  Jon is also the author of Click Here When I Die: Making Things Easier for Those You Love. 

Listen in as Jon and I discuss the importance of end of life planning and the real reasons people avoid making end-of-life planning decisions.  Be sure to listen to the very end where Jon and I vent our shared frustrations with planning for long term care needs.

Be sure to check out Jon’s end of life planning resources on his website: https://www.mylifeandwishes.com/podcast/