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Liz and I have both interviewed Sarah Li Cain recently.  What a coincidence!


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Here are a couple of my favorite blog posts:


What is the Best Way to Buy a Car in Retirement? 

Cars! For some, cars are a status symbol, for others cars are an A to B transportation system.  For all of us, cars are an integral part of living in a modern society.  Many of us make a car purchasing decision every few years.


During our working years, we either save up our income and pay cash for a car, or we borrow money and use our income to pay off the loan.


Once retired, and living off savings, that buying decision changes.


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Is it Enough to Trust Your Financial Advisor?

Trusting your financial advisor can be about avoiding fraud or unscrupulous non-fiduciary investment advice, but that’s not my concern in the particular case of my clients.  My fear is that when the rubber meets the road and the market is in chaos, trusting your advisor might not be enough to keep you stuck to your financial plan.


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