Men Die Married, Women Die Single…

Our guest today is Kate Stalter.  Kate is the founder and President of Better Financial Decisions. Her firm helps clients navigate retirement concerns, such as claiming Social Security benefits, making assets last for three or four decades, managing tax consequences of withdrawals and understanding estate-planning challenges. Better Financial Decisions.  Kate also writes for Forbes and US News.



Listen in as we discuss:

  • Acknowledging that most women will outlive their spouses, how can women get more involved with their family’s retirement plan?
  • Can working with a financial advisor help facilitate communication between spouses?
  • How to get involved – even you don’t understand investing
  • Why is it so difficult to remain logical with our investments?
  • Why are we so tempted to listen to “Financial Gurus” in the media?
  • Why does a $10 investment loss feel different than a $10 gain?

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