Are you going to have a ‘Revolutionary Retirement’?

If you aren’t sure, today’s guest will help you figure that out.

Matt Jackson is a Colorado-based financial advisor with a decade of experience guiding clients on their retirement journey. In today’s episode, we discuss Matt’s new book: ‘Revolutionary Retirement’

Listen in as Matt and I discuss:

  • What motivated Matt to dedicate over 61,000 words to the topic of retirement?
  • What is the number one end of life regret for retirees?
  • Why do nearly 40% of retirees face clinical depression?
  • Why has the divorce rate doubled for Baby Boomers?

Be sure to listen to the end where Matt and I discuss what a recent trip to Thailand taught him about living in the moment to improve his relationships.

Grab Matt’s book ‘Retirement Dreammaker’.

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