In today’s episode, we tackle part two of our two part series – Working beyond age 70.

Check out part one – Health Insurance and Social Security:

Retirement Headlines!!

We fired up the Retirement Starts Today way-back machine to the year 2016 – when companies were tripping over each other to get out ahead of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule.  When the Fiduciary Rule died a tragic death in 2017, it was anybody’s guess whether or not these companies would stick to their promises…

Merrill Lynch reverses policy on banning IRA commissions following death of DOL fiduciary rule

Tax Reform 2.0 – changes coming to Required Minimum Distributions?

Advisers back Trump’s directive to ease distribution rules for retirement accounts

Retirement, 529 accounts would be expanded under new GOP tax plan

What happens if I work beyond age 70?