Our guest today is Jamie Hopkins. Jamie and I have a unique connection, as Jamie was one of the professors for my RICP designation (Retirement Income Certified Professional).

Listen in as Professor Hopkins and I discuss:

  • Why he choose retirement planning and educating financial planners over other disciplines.
  • What is an easy way to boost our retirement income by 38%?
  • Will technology be inflationary or deflationary in retirement?
  • What he learned about literacy rates during the research of this book and if he was encouraged by these findings.
  • Warren Buffet once said, “Investing is simple, but not easy” – What did he mean by that?
  • Will confirmation bias ruin my retirement?

Jamie Hopkins, Esq., CFP, RICP, is a professor at The American College and Director of the New York Life Center for Retirement Income. Hopkins is a well-recognized writer, speaker and thought leader in the area of retirement income planning. His most recent book, “Rewirement: Rewiring The Way You Think About Retirement,” details the behavioral finance issues that hold people back from a more financially secure retirement. Professor Hopkins’ impact on retirement planning has been well recognized as he has been named as both a top 40 financial services professional under the age of 40 by InvestmentNews and a top 40 young attorney under the age of 40 by The American Bar Association.