Our guest today, Roger Whitney, is the host of the popular retirement planning podcast The Retirement Answer Man and author of the new book Rock Retirement.

Roger has over 27 years experience walking life with clients into and through retirement.

Listen in as Roger and I discuss:

  • Why do we tend to draw ‘inside the lines’ when planning for retirement and how can that negatively effect our planning?
  • What can spaghetti teach us about building our ideal retirement? Pasta (the base), sauce (the flavor), & seasoning (the spice).
  • What the heck is an anti-budget budget and is it the secret weapon for retirees that hate to budget?
  • Why Roger wants to avoid having BIG conversations by having many little conversations


Roger is giving away TEN copies of his amazing book Rock Retirement. 

Click the link for a chance to win!! RogerWhitney.com/Ben