Are you setting yourself up for a single-ply retirement? Do you find yourself trying to save money out of habit rather than necessity? Listen to the retirement headlines segment to find out why this may not be the best idea in retirement.

In the listener questions segment, I actually have a listener answer. I asked the subscribers of my Every Day is Saturday newsletter what they were doing to combat Zoom fatigue and Ann replied with a detailed answer. After that, we’ll analyze Social Security claiming strategies and discuss retirement rebalancing strategies.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:02] What might it feel like to be frugal by choice rather than by default?
  • [5:46] What is your strategy to step away from Zoom calls and recharge your batteries?
  • [8:48] Social Security claiming strategy
  • [11:42] When is the right time to rebalance?

How would it feel to be frugal by choice rather than by default?

Do you find yourself making money-saving decisions out of habit? Are you like Tim Ferriss and who still buys single-ply toilet paper after all his success? Oftentimes our frugality stems from our upbringing rather than from necessity. To kick the default frugality habit, it helps to look at your formative years. Did your parents instill this habit in you or does your frugality serve a purpose? There is a time and a place for frugality, however, automatic frugality isn’t always the smartest choice.

If you are automatically frugal how do you decide where to trim and where to spend? If you are the type of person who is thrifty by default, these decisions can be tough until you realize that survival level spending habits aren’t always the smartest choices.

How do you evolve from scarcity-based decision making to outcome-based decision making?

One way to analyze whether your frugality is automatic or purposeful is to define your spending habits. Create an inventory of your spending. What indulgences did you make that were worthy last year? Which extravagances would you repeat? In what areas can you spend money to create more joy in your life? Learn to build a higher-quality life and become frugal by choice rather than by default by listening to this episode of Retirement Starts Today.

What is your strategy to step away from work and recharge your batteries?

Over the past year, many of us have become very familiar with working from home. Although working from home allows us more flexibility, studies show we are working more than ever. With so much time spent in front of a screen, we can burn out quickly.

Ann enjoyed the freedom of taking 3 day weekends last year. She has learned to slow down, enjoy her time off, and practice self-care. She also learned to stand up for herself and be intentional about how she takes her vacation time. What can you learn from Ann?

Take time now before you retire to enjoy life

If you describe yourself as a workaholic, then now is the time to consider what to do in your downtime. If you want to make the most out of your retirement, you’ll need to become comfortable with having free time. What are you doing to practice self-care and make the most of your downtime?

Listen in to hear all of this plus the effects that claiming Social Security early or late could have on the total benefits between spouses and how to balance your portfolio in retirement.

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