Getting a Mortgage in Retirement – An Interview with Casey Fleming of

When looking for that perfect house to retire to, many retirees discover that getting a mortgage in retirement is different than getting a mortgage while working.

Once we retire, our wages (the primary mortgage underwriting qualifier) stop and the source of our income radically changes.  Many recent retirees complain that once their paychecks stop, their banker starts to look at them differently!

Our guest, Casey Fleming of, is a 39 year mortgage industry expert and ready to answer our questions about the trials and tribulations of getting a mortgage in retirement.

Buying a second home in retirement can be an expensive proposition: Real estate broker’s commissions, state transfer taxes, interest, and closing costs can add up quickly and negotiating the best possible deal when getting a mortgage in retirement could mean the difference between your retirement dream home and settling for something much less.

Like any other retirement planning topic, proper planning in advance can save us time, tears, and treasure.

Listen in as Casey and I answer the following questions:

  • Will my Social Security help me qualify for a mortgage?
  • How will my IRA withdrawals effect my mortgage application?
  • How do I qualify for a mortgage once I’m retired?
  • Once my wages are gone, what income will my lender consider when making an underwriting decision?
  • How can a near-retiree plan ahead for the best possible mortgage? Should I use my local bank or an independent broker?
  • What avoidable mistakes do retirees make when getting a mortgage in retirement?

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